Real Estate Financing Solutions, from A to Zed

What we do

Zed Funding is a Washington-DC based financing firm with equitable funding options for real estate developers and investors. We directly finance projects or structure the mortgage through our partner network of private lending institutions, high net-worth individuals, and commercial banks.

Our mission is to provide equal financing opportunities for small and medium-sized developers as well as “mom & pop” property owners, who might otherwise be overlooked in the real estate capital marketplace. Working with us means no underwriting fees, no application fees, and no pressure.

We work with all property types: residential multifamily, retail, office, mixed-use, assisted living, land, hotels, and self-storage, with loans typically ranging from $800K - $20M.

Zed Funding has originated $60+ million in loans for over 20 satisfied borrowers.

Who we are

MEET Saman

Saman Zomorodi (that's a “Z” as in “Zed”) founded Zed Funding to bring together his expertise in architectural design, real estate development, and financing to structure the best deals for his clients and colleagues in Washington, DC.

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Saman formed Zed Design Development in 2016 to collaborate with real estate development companies to improve the built environment of communities within the Washington DC Metro Area. At Zed Design Development, he incorporated out-of-the-box design thinking to generate unique solutions to the development process of both market-rate and affordable multifamily housing, specializing in the conceptual design phase and debt structuring.

Through Saman's work of acquiring, designing, and delivering real estate assets valued over $200 million, he realized access to capital was a primary pain point for real estate entrepreneurs. He expanded his mission by founding Zed Funding to reduce the financial barrier of entry for real estate developers.


Saman holds a B.S. of Architecture from the University of Virginia and a Master’s in Real Estate and Infrastructure from John Hopkins Carey Business School.


How Zed Funding Works

Zed Funding provides competitive and flexible financing options for real estate developers and investors nationwide, with expertise in Washington, DC. We champion our clients throughout the entire funding process and provide step-by-step guidance to get to the closing table.